These air Jordan 1s will be profitable! Unboxing

These air Jordan 1s will be profitable! Unboxing

we have a package to unbox what is going on on YouTube welcome back to the Mercado channel I’m mark thank you guys so much for stopping by today if you’re new you might want to smash that subscribe button hit that like button comment down below leave me something down in the comment section and today’s going to be a special video because we have another unboxing another special shoe from Nike special package I’m excited hint hint we have one right here but I have another package to unbox it is a sneaker this sneaker here I believe the price is going to go up very soon this is a special special shoe I feel like I can make some money on this shoe I’ve already sold a pair for about 70 to 80 dollars profit so I’m going to unbox this thing right now for you guys but before I even get started like I said karate chop that subscribe button and like this video right now take two seconds and let’s jump into this unboxing I need my blade,cheap jordan shoes, I don’t know if you guys already seen but it is from Nike you can see the label there that says just do it the way Nike sends their packages out another red box like I said I got one here already just toss this out let’s get to this so guys to begin before we open the box we have a red Nike box right there black Nike branding with the swoosh here’s the lid right inside there you have your Nike swoosh with the numbers in there we got your traditional regular paper and let’s do this together BAM oh here it is the Air Jordan one UNC to Chicago Air Jordan one just to give you a little background on this sneaker you guys may be wondering some of most of my subscribers aren’t used to the sneaker videos but for those you don’t know Michael Jordan before he came into the league and played for the Chicago Bulls he played for UNC the Tar Heels North Carolina alright that’s what the blue is and then it’s pretty much College transitioning into the NBA .

that’s why it’s half blue and half black and red but guys here is the shoe look at that this give you a nice little 360 I’ll give you some b-roll as well and a little bit of the shoe but to begin we have the outsole is just all red Nike branding there with the swoosh Nike swoosh coming here like I said we got that powder blue we got the blue Nike swoosh we got black here in the mid area here on the toe box you got that nice soft plush leather oh my god this leather is so soft right on the bottom you got white here on the midsole all the way around the shoe and it does look white it’s not like an off light or anything it does look white you dr. powder blue back here on the heel moving its way up top here by the ankle area and you do have your wings air jordan right there as you can see that’s the back and in the inside one shoe,cheap jordans online, I don’t know if you can see is blue on the inside and we’re gonna pull the other one out the right shoe is red so one shoe is red in the inside and the other is blue but this shoe here also comes with a nice leather red leather on tag here really nice I like when Jordan throws a little extra extra things with the sneakers like extra laces or you know tags and stuff like that it’s just you know a little more motivation to the shoe man but this shoe here guys let’s talk a little bit about it this shoe here retailed for a hundred and seventy dollars like I said I already sold a pair for 240 I’m actually 250 I made about 80 dollars profit on this shoe which is really good it just came out and a lot of people passed on this shoe a lot of people were so focused on other releases and other hyped sneakers to get during all-star weekend that they missed out on this beautiful shoe.

I personally picked up three pairs of these to sell three and I’ve already sold one I have a couple more people interested in these other ones and and I’m just I’m really happy with this shoe just look at it it’s absolutely beautiful it’s a gorgeous shoe got red black blue white it’s just a gorgeous air Air Jordan one it really is very beautiful and my favorite part about this shoe has got to be the leather we’re not used to seeing this amazing super great leather it’s so soft it’s like super soft like I love it I absolutely love it it smells really good and I just I’m super super impressed with this sneaker my plans are to hold it for a little bit and then sell it when the prices go up because people are going to be wanting these sneakers like crazy um and for those of you on my channel that know me you know I’m a reseller I have my eBay store I’m a vendor anything business-wise anything I could get my hands on I try to participate on because I’m just trying to succeed just like everyone else is trying to succeed except for my big interest is is sneakers I really have a large passion for sneakers I love sneakers I love collecting sneakers I love selling sneakers and these here are special because I know these are going to be very very valuable soon to come and I’m not joking a lot of you guys know that the prices on these sneakers is going to go up the leather is great the sneaker in general the background of the sneaker the meaning of the shoe is is it’s phenomenal I don’t know what else to say we’re gonna get a B role I’m not gonna put these on foot I am NOT going to put them on feet.

because I do plan on selling them but I’m gonna get a couple nice shots 360 on the shoe from the bottom the inside all around and if you guys have any questions make sure you drop them down in the comment section I love you guys marcado nation let’s get into some nice b-roll action for you guys there you have it guys I’m all done wrapping it up I showed you the shoe that I tripled up on act bought three pairs ,cheap jordan 11,I sold one I have too far here I’m super excited about this shoe because I just know that I’m going to make money on this shoe it may not be a lot of money but the way I’ve been selling sneakers and just reselling on ebay like crazy things are adding up sales are flowing things are going good and I couldn’t be any happier so I hope you guys really enjoyed this unboxing I know was sure I’m getting I’m getting used to doing these unboxings um you guys know that I do all types of business related things lifestyle fun family things on this channel it’s not always just vending or sneakers or certain things so I hope you guys respect what I’m doing here on this channel if you do please like subscribe comment down below and until the next one stay safe and get that money guys peace out now you

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